by Gonyea Home

The weekend was a success by most standards. With the help of some wonderful friends (who may not be our friends if we keep asking for favors!) all the tile on the first floor is removed. For all you DIY’ers Joe is going to post his do’s and don’ts about tile removal next.

In keeping with the nature of remodeling, we encountered some hiccups.  The purpose of pulling up the tile was to either stain or finish the concrete. In the room that will be the home theater (Joe will also post on this later) the floor is great. To say that in the floor in the foyer isn’t so great would be an understatement. It is more like a disaster. It is uneven, about 2 inches lower and overall a complete mess. So we have come up with a new plan, or 100th plan (but at this point who is really counting?)  Tile! I actually think it may work out better.

The good news is things are moving along. The bad news is it feels like it’s moving very slowly.  They started laying hardwood on the 3rd floor and they are pulling up what is left of the tile on the 2nd floor. The painters are coming to touch up on Friday and then we move  SATURDAY! I MEAN THIS SATURDAY- THE 6TH. For the past two nights I haven’t been able to sleep. We have so much to do!  We haven’t finished buying fans, light fixtures, cabinet doors, hardware, etc.  And, it turns out, we didn’t win the lottery. That means the paint and floors are the big thing right now. Everything else is coming in time and in the form of projects. Yet another reason to check back!

Oh and I am again singing the praises of Mini Roll Off Services. We filled up our first dumpster and they picked it up today and delivered another within an hour. They even gave us a discount. Call them if you need one- (281)865-1865.  The 6 yard one will fit nicely in any two car garage.

Now for some photographs! You are seeing our full dumpster, piles of tile on the 2nd floor (Joe didn’t pull that up), and our beautiful painted wall in the master with the start of hardwoods.

Look for Joe’s post next. I assure you Tim Tebow will be mentioned.