Tips & Tricks

by Gonyea Home

Joe and I have made it pretty clear we are learning a lot. We feel it’s only fair that we share some of what we learn so that others don’t make the same mistakes or can plan better. On the off-chance you jump into the deep end here is some information we hope you will find handy:

1. Forget being done on time. It won’t happen, doesn’t happen and should be placed in the impossible category. Which means be prepared to live with people in your home. This means water bottles, trash, and generally people just not following your rules being there every day. Take a DEEP breath. It will end someday right???

2. Order of events should be (if you are doing similar projects): pull up the floor, paint the walls, lay the new floor, and then bring in the painters for touch ups. Don’t pull up some floor while painting or pull up some floor after painting. It’s just a bad idea, trust me!

3. Use your words but be careful about the words you use. You hired the people, you are paying the people so they need to do the job the way you want it. Don’t be rude remember they are there when you are not. Do be honest and tell them you expect honesty back. Express your frustrations but don’t move their tools on the front yard. I wanted to but Joe wouldn’t let me.

4. Buy a home warranty if you buy an older home. We got everything in the house and at the end of the day that is what matters. Until the a/c quits working.

Funny side note: We sat on our couch and watched TV while eating premade food from Whole Foods and then slept on our queen size blow up mattress. Think of the irony: we moved out of an apartment and bought our first home only to live like freshman in college. We are quite sad we didn’t take a picture of our arrangement.

5. If your electrician is going to replace your breaker box know that Center Point gives you a four-hour window for coming to unlock your electric meter. They will show up after four hours so tell your electrician not to come until after that time passes. After the breaker box is installed and you need an inspection don’t call your home inspector he can’t help you. The city does these inspections. Oh and turns out that your electricity will be off during said breaker box repair so don’t have the guys there trying to finish up the floors. Those saws don’t run on batteries.

6. When you meet with contractors make a list of what you want them to do and go through it in your meeting. Ask questions as they come up so you don’t call them 5-6 times a day with random follow-up questions. Also, if you notice your husband is just saying “yes” to everything a person and that person’s first language isn’t English-intervene! Turns out your husband is useless in that field. See comment about calls 5-6 times a day to clarify things.

7. Be patient. Be patient with your spouse, be patient with your workers, be patient with everyone. Getting upset, sulking and threatening to sit in the bathtub and cry will get you nowhere. Especially if your bathtub doesn’t have a stopper.

We have made it this far and every day we see progress. I can’t wait for the before and after post. Maybe it will be more like a before, middle and after. That way you can see how the previous owners had it arranged, what happened during our remodel and then end result. Oh and one last tip: try to avoid the hottest summer on record for your move and remodel.

Oh one more list and that is funny things that have been said:

1. Internet guy: Are you a lawyer? I need a lawyer. I have an aggravated assault charge in my home state. Me: My husband does criminal defense, do you want his card?

2. Same guy to the pool guy: is the pool ready for me to go swimming in?

3. Floor guy: you sound really serious. Me: Floor guy, I don’t sound serious. I am serious.

4. Joe: Today it really sounds like home. I got here and there weren’t 5 other dudes here.

5. Gas connection guy: You are going to rent this place out, right? Me: nope, we bought it to live in.

6. Emily: Joe, I told you I would hate that chair.

7. Joe: How do you want to fire him? Me: I am just going to start moving his crap out in the front yard. I think he will get the picture.

8. Heather & Morgan: This place has a lot of potential.

9. Mom: Can your movers store your stuff for one week and see if y’all can stay somewhere?

I think that sums up where we have been and where we are going. Subscribe to our blog or follow us!