We are so bad at this!

by Gonyea Home

Seriously! We are really bad at this whole blogging thing. What is worse is things are really starting to take shape. Here in no particular order are our (my) excuses:

1. Football season is upon us

2. We went to Costa Rica for a long weekend with Heather & Morgan

3. Work has been crazy for both of us

4. Lazy

Clearly #4 is the real answer, but just to prove a point here is a picture from Costa Rica. Ahhh seeing that makes me want to go back…

This weekend  a Jessica and I hosted a wedding shower for my dear friend Shelley. Check out her blog here:  http://live-with-love-and-laughter.blogspot.com/   She has a lot of great DIY wedding ideas.

Hosting clearly means we kicked it in to high gear for a few weeks trying to take care of a few small things. So without further ado I present to you the transformation of the guest room and bathroom:

It started off like this:

It is insane to me that it used to look like this!  There was carpet and stars on the ceiling that glowed in the dark. We have since had it painted, removed the stars, and ripped up the carpet. You can see the bathroom in this picture and see that it had poop brown tile.  We painted the tile white using floor paint, the whole bathroom was painted, spruced it up with a better shower curtain and rod, and added a window treatment and some accessories. Now…is this done? No. Is it better? Yes- MUCH!

Here are so in between shots before we show you are closer to finished product:

And here is where we stand today:

Oh and if you are wondering, yes, I can’t wait to get rid of that mirror and lighting situation that is happening. And I want a new desk too and chair.

Lessons we learned from this:

1. It is unlikely you will be gutting your guest bathroom a month after buying your house, painting the whole thing and having new floors installed. Why you ask? Oh you know, because you are  poor. That is the only lesson. Remember when your mom said money doesn’t grow on trees? She was right.

In all seriousness there are some really easy things you can do to make a space more livable without using a sledge hammer. We used Valspar floor paint to paint the tile and sealed it with the same stuff you use when  you stain concrete. It was much easier than ripping up the floor and putting in all new tile. We got rid of the crappy blind and put up window treatment we got at Lowes. Add some new accessories and shower curtain and viola- major embarrassment fades to minor.

Stay tuned because in two weeks new countertops are being installed, new stove top, sink faucet and back splash. I CANNOT WAIT!

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