I will never cook again…not that I did before….

by Gonyea Home

Because holy crap, our kitchen looks uh-maze-ing. No seriously- picture Kristen Wiig’s character Sue from SNL. This is me unable to control my excitement right now:

So this is what our kitchen looked like when we moved in (look at that amazing fan!):

Ohhh she was a looker wasn’t she?! I mean those cabinets! That floor! Ohh and the ceiling light covered in plastic tiles.  Needless to say it didn’t last long. We moved in and did this:

You know it, in true Gonyea home-remodel fashion we completely destroyed it. We ripped up the tile, trashed all the cabinet and drawer doors and pulled that UGLY light thing out of the ceiling.  As you already know we got cabinet doors and hardware from Ikea. We also had hardwood floors laid down and put in a light fixture from this century. We also purchased a new refrigerator and dishwasher. Then we waited.

A few short months felt like an eternity. I looked at granite and marble. Cried when one place told me a slab of carerra marble (my dream counter top) cost $10,000. I was so upset I ate a donut…from Shipleys…at the tile place. You can ask Emily. She was there and so upset by me being upset that she ate one too. But then the Heaven’s opened and Olympus Marble, Inc. began so sing (specifically Raffi via Emily) and my dreams came true. See!!!!!

We got a new stove! On sale at Lowes! It was regularly $950 on sale for $675. But it was the last one and the display model so we got it for $575. Score board Gonyea! We got a new sink too and a faucet.  And currently my favorite tile man of all time is currently installing the backsplash. Oh did I mention that Joe installed the stove, the sink and the faucet? He really did!

Finished product soon to come! The house is a mess so its being bashful right now…no pictures please!