Meet the models….errrr….dogs

by Gonyea Home

We are married. Joe is 32. I turn 30 in April. We have a house. We don’t have kids. We  have dogs. Dogs who we love and spoil and treat like people. Sometimes they wear matching holiday sweaters. Sometimes they wear jerseys. They are allowed on the bed and the couch. And they travel in our cars. We love them.

Meet Cooper. She is “my” 6 year old mut named after Marissa Cooper from the TV show, The O.C. That is a real fact by the way. We call her Coop, Coopus, and Coopey. When she bad I call her Cooper Morton Gonyea and threaten to send her to live the homeless. Though lets face it, look at that face! Never gonna happen…

Meet Chino. He is “Joe’s” 12 year old chihuahua. He is named after the drummer from the Deftones. We call him stinky (bad breath issues), cheenis, and a hole host of other names that Joe would kill me for revealing. Since he is never bad (says Joe) we never have to use his full name. Joe insists we carry him up and down the stairs. Of course with is cuddly as he is no one minds.

We all know our pets weasel their way into our hearts and lives in ways we could never expect. Before you know it you are those creepy people who don’t have kids, but have dogs. My parents call them their granddogs. They spend weekends together and even get off limit food items.  If I die I want to come back as either one of our dogs. So naturally the next step was to have them (and us) professionally photographed. I was thinking about Chino’s age and more importantly his significance to Joe and realized we have a lot of iphone pictures, but nothing really great to look back on years from now. Fast forward through the photographer search and I found Michelle Able with Michelle Able Photography. She is amazing and she has a new blog. She captured all of us together, but more importantly Joe and Chino together perfectly. I wanted to have the pictures done at our house and on our street so it would really be us. Everything turned out so wonderfully and I really couldn’t be happier. Joe loves them! And can you blame him??

Makes my heart smile. And you can see more here:

Note: You didn’t miss anything- Joe and I don’t work together. I do work with the person who referred Michelle to me.